Opale Management Services Ltd

OSIRIS - Opale Management Services has developed a multi service single source procurement process named OSIRIS after the Egyptian God of renewal. It gives some of the most advanced detailing and profiling capabilities available in today’s FM marketplace and enables a comprehensive Tendering Process and Supplier Selection.

Opale Management Services has a unique process of supplier interface which enables it to maintain a high level of valuable knowledge regarding the supplier market as it changes. This has led to the development of a contract approach managed through OSIRIS that delivers between a 12.5 to 22.5% reduction in costs or released value to be re-invested.

Over 255 unique Facilities procurement processes have been managed by Opale since its conception. More recently, using the OSIRIS model, Opale Management Services has delivered to clients a clear advantage in service control together with a value release or cost reduction that varies from 12% to 22.5% with a mean average of 16%. The average operational expenditure of the clients involved has been £11M with several as high a £100M per annum.

CONTRACT - Opale Management Services has developed a new Facilities Management contract style that offers clients far more robust control, yet derives the right “partnership” behaviours from the supplier market. It offers control over the way in which the FM contractual costs are assessed and spent, with the opportunity to reclaim monies not spent whilst retaining cost certainty as with “fixed fee” arrangements.

Performance Management Process

FC3 – The unique Performance Management Process designed by Opale Management Services to ensure that all Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s align to the drivers of the core business so that all contracted resources are focused at the Clients core business

Performance Monitoring

Simply Workplace - Workplace Management or evaluation is becoming more prevalent as the compression of space usage is seen as a key dividend in the delivery of efficiency. Opale Management Services Ltd has developed toolsets which enable swift and easy development of concepts with a clear route to implementation.

C.O.P.E. - Care Of Patient Environment is the new NHS delivery Model and concept created by Opale Management Services Ltd which enables the NHS to release the 12 - 22.5% value available to the private sector given their unique operating circumstances.

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