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Type Of Business
Nuclear Industry

Value of Business
Circa - £130m

Creation of FM Informed Client Unit (ICU)

To bring all FM service provision under one organisation to report into a new Property Director (board level) and position an FM organisation to support a predominantly outsourced contract structure

On a major site covering some 42 Acres, it was decided that the delivery of non production FM services required focus in order to position the business to lever best value from the market. To achieve this change a new FM organisation had to be formed.

•    Identify the Scope of FM services and the vendors deployed to achieve it.
•    Identify organisational requirements for new FM organisation:
o    Structure
o    Job roles
o    Systems, procedures and processes
•    Re-positioned input specifications for new production regime
•    Reposition contractor to suit new operating regime.
•    Recruit (internal and external HR processes ) for ICU.
•    Assist in the bedding down of ICU organisation.

Additional Activities
Advised on:
•    M&E specific structures and changed and renegotiated contract.
•    Repositioned the catering contract. Significant reduction in costs
•    Provision of a 5 year development plan to lever the market once the ICU was formed effectively. 

OMS Protocols used
Opale Toolsets deployed:
1.    Focused consultant capability and supporting documentation.

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