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Opale Welcomes New Senior Consultant Nicholas Marsh

Alongside the introduction of FMAP (Facilities Maturity Assessment Programme) Opale have continued to increase its skills and ability to support the clients using the programme. We are delighted to introduce Nicholas Marsh as a member of our team whose international experience as a consultant, a business development expert and Senior Director within a contracting businesses adds further depth, knowledge and capability to our Opale community.

Such additions to our team enable us to continue to innovate and improve our offering which brings such products as FMAP, Perform and OSIRIS to the FM market for the benefit of our business and the market as a whole.

Nicholas will contribute to the deployment of FMAP, amongst other activities, and support this valuable tool as it is used more and more by the FM supplier market. His experience in responding to client procurement processes will also enable Opale to tune its methodologies in a manner that drives maximum efficiency for both clients and suppliers alike.  


Nicholas will be a great feature of the Opale business looking forward.

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