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Facilities Maturity and Assessment Programme (F-MAP)

Opale drives FM innovation with the launch of F-MAP

Opale Management Services Ltd joins with Aspire to develop a unique, powerful and yet simple framework and programme that is set to change the way that FM views and measures itself; changing the perception of FM held by the businesses and organisations it serves and lifting the thinking of those that work within this industry be they on the client or supplier side.

Best practice techniques have been used by a range of industries to measure maturity of services delivery for some time and are now common place.  The IT industry uses models such as, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to define their best practice and model operating system whilst the Capability Maturity Modelling Integration (CMMI) is globally established as the proven approach to assessing maturity. Both are solid and well known examples of this approach. Today such processes and toolkits are an entrenched part of many industries qualitative and innovation measurement approaches and are regarded as best practice.

The Facilities Maturity and Assessment Programme (F-MAP) builds on these best practices and applies them specifically to the Facilities industry. The application of a maturity based approach has been proven to produce significant value and efficiency gains with some organisations reporting gains of 15-35% [1] as their maturity improved.

Developed by Opale Management Services Ltd, a leading and independent Facilities consultancy of some 16 years standing and Aspire a leading Programme and Change maturity company F-MAP enables maturity to be determined against a Target Operating Model by evaluating the perspectives of  Culture, Organisation, Process, Economics, Technology and Information  in a language that is easily understood and appreciated by those senior managers which use FM services and users that enjoy them.

“It lifts the focus and appreciation of FM to a much higher level within any business or organisation, enables FM to articulate its worth strategically and to clearly determine a journey to the right Target Operating Model for that business – a simple yet very powerful tool” Neil Longley MD Opale Management Services Ltd.

There are 5 levels of maturity based on a Target Operating Model which we believe represents great practice (not just best) which can be applied in whole or in part to a FM organisation and therefore F-MAP is extremely valuable for both the supply chain and for client organisations in assessing the FM delivery as a whole, or geographically, or the contracts deployed within that organisation and ultimately to benchmark their maturity against others in the FM industry.

The concept has been welcomed by both the supplier and client organisations that have been exposed to the thinking and there is a great expectation as to what F-MAP can deliver to the FM industry.

Rod Sowden, Managing Director of Aspire, the UK Government (OGC) lead author for two relevant best practice publications, firstly Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) which defines the globally accepted approach to change programme management and secondly P3M3 [2] framework, which was designed to measure organisations’ change performance. Rod Sowden said “we have used our knowledge of a range of best practice frameworks and fused them with the FM expertise and capability of Opale to develop a framework that embraces capability modelling, programme, change management and training strength of Aspire, making F-MAP really exciting. It is perhaps what FM needs to continue its journey as an industry”.

Opale will be launching F-MAP to both client and supplier organisations in 2012.

[1] Source CMMI example data

[2] Programme management maturity

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