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People... A team of highly motivated professional people, whose experience and competencies are complimentary. A formidable and capable group, the senior consultants position the companies skills in a manner that supports our varied client base.

Neil Longley

As the founder of Opale Management Services Ltd, Neil has been in consultancy for some 15 years. A senior consultant with wide ranging technical expertise across service lines. Neil's focus for the team is large programme management, FM Strategy and Organisational development as well as being lead across Opale's service Offering. Dynamic and forward thinking, Neil is always seeking to develop the next step function in FM and drive innovation in every aspect of Opale’s offering and the clients Opale serves. A firm negotiator with a no nonsense style and reputation for saying it as it is!

Harry Trace

Harry worked at senior executive management levels with the two largest UK contract catering companies for over 15 years before branching out to becoming one of the first specialist soft services consultants and starting his own business in 1988. With over 35 years experience in the soft services industry Harry is considered as one of the most experienced consultants across the soft service contract industry with many blue chip companies on his personal portfolio.

Harry has considerable experience with particular regard to financial and operational auditing, service development and efficiency management, project management of complex tendering, development of detailed contractual matters and ensuring all his clients receive value for money from their respective service providers. His strengths and comprehensive management abilities are to quickly and efficiently identify for the client financial and operational benefits and to effectively negotiate complex contractual and financial changes on behalf of the clients and the contractor suppliers

Peter Jackson

Peter joined Opale in 2003 and has been a involved in most of the major projects Opale have been commissioned to deliver. Before joining Opale he had worked for a variety of European and UK based FM companies in various operational roles, with clients such as Thales, British Airways, Alstom, British Gas.

Peter started his career as a marine engineer; his engineering background provides a pragmatic and analytical approach to problem solving albeit with a different tool kit these days. Peter's motivation is to help clients and their Suppliers ascertain a clear vision for FM delivery and then help then to realise that vision.

Rod Sowden

Programme Management provides a framework that integrates and reconciles competing demands for resources, and provides a focus for projects. Programmes management exists and delivers in ambiguity which reflects the current environment within which we all operate. Effective, programme management is crucial to the majority of Opale assignments, we look to bring improved efficiency and effectiveness and that means changing the way the supply chain and the client organisation operates. It is a management approach to implementing business strategies, policies and initiatives, or large-scale change, within an overall vision of the desired outcome. It breaks the journey into manageable step changes (Tranches) with review and decision points for controlling progress and improving performance. Unlike project management which will deliver you capability, programme management will support your organisational change and enable you to release the benefits. Opale partners with Aspire Europe Ltd to support our larger assignments, they are one the leading specialist programme management organisations and were the architects and lead authors of the globally recognised framework, “Managing Successful Programmes”, click for more information on this framework.

Peter Teague

Peter is a dedicated professional with over 30 years of broad experience covering construction consultancy, project management, design, building surveying and maintenance management. Sectors include commercial, industrial, manufacturing, retail, education, leisure and residential with a wide variety of new build and refurbishment projects and condition surveys. He has provided support to clients with setting up and management of national and regional maintenance contracts and audits covering building fabric and building engineering services. Able to work closely with clients’ representatives to develop appropriate strategies and tactical plans for project implementation and delivery. Keen to support the client and share ownership in achieving the clients’ objectives. Extensive experience of working with Real Estate and FM based clients as well as property developers and funding organisations. Detailed technical design and construction knowledge lends itself to a practical approach to problem solving. He is able to operate both as a team player and also individually in a specialist building surveying capacity as a Charted Building Surveyor.

Caroline Gardiner

For many years, Caroline has established a reputation for creating, managing and improving FM services with some of the leading names in the Hospitality industry. Her experience as a strategist and negotiator is well known, as is her ability to build and manage exceptional teams that deliver exceptional services. With this in mind Caroline set up Forefront Ltd in 2008; from handling Tenders to FM strategy, the Consultancy aims for seamless services that represent a true and transparent reflection of the clients’ corporate values and ambitions. Caroline is a visionary and motivational leader, a strategic manager, determining and implementing operational policies, driving the sales and marketing functions.


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