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7th September 2009
New Contract Style - Evolution or RevolutionA new style and approach to FM contracting was deployed by Opale Management Services Ltd from 2003. Deployed with clients such as Finmeccanica, O2, Bank of Ireland and Shell, the value of this style is now clear. The new contract is a unique combination of traditional styles and can be tailored to suit size, service streams, multi-site estates and performance nuances. Typically delivering 12-22% client budget reduction within the first year and enabling cost avoidance of circa 2-2.5 % Per Annum year on year whilst also allowing the supplier income and profit certainty against specific deliverables and performance targets.

Using Opale’s Osiris process, a client is profiled individually against the service requirements that match exact standards required to meet the needs of the business culture as well as the hard service operations. New clients currently preparing to deploy this contract type include HSBC and Severn Trent Water.

Mark McNulty, Head of Facilities Management at O2 UK says, “The professionalism in seeing us through this project to a truly tangible and beneficial end state has been excellent. The process is so well tuned that it is difficult to see how it could fail to deliver the savings we have realised wherever it was deployed”

Opale MD Neil Longley, “It is great to see the supplier market truly work with innovation that shapes the whole industry. We are pleased with the concept and its progress!! We have been working on the client side of the market for over 15 years and recognised very early on that in business, everybody has to benefit. Whilst different contracts had pros and cons for both parties, something that was truly scalable and clearly benefited both parties just didn’t exist. We believe that with Osiris, we now have the processes in place to produce the most fit for purpose contract possible, for all client types, across the full spectrum of the FM market”.

Former Head of O2 Property, “Having been employed by large FM suppliers for over 10 years followed by 4 years Client side as a Head of FM, I appreciate more than most how untenable a contract that is biased one way or the other can be. It is essential that the relationship is truly one of partnership from the outset and this process delivers a contract style that allows both parties to openly and honestly work together to mutual benefit.”

About OpaleFounded in1993, Opale focuses purely on Facilities Management and is a consultancy/advisory specialising in:

> Contract repositioning, outsourcing and tendering
> Review, benchmark and audit of FM service
> Transformation and transition
> Reorganisation and integration
> Contract evaluations.

Opale only work on the client side of the FM industry.

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